Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas for Golfers

This is taken from a forum member who goes by the name: ShortsTuff. Enjoy! and Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all.

‎(Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)‎
by ShortsTuff, on the ISG forum.

‎‘Twas the night before comp, and all through the land‎
Golfers lie waiting, woman and man.‎
The Footjoy’s placed (polished) in the hallway with care
Trusting that Saturday soon would be there.‎

Sticks in the Falcon, and I in my bed
While visions of plane angles fly through my head
When all of a sudden, in the study, a clatter
I fly to my feet to see what was the matter.‎

There at my PC, no jolly old elf,‎
I hardly believe it – Homer, himself!‎
‎“Son” he said sadly, “I’ve seen you play.‎
How could you get round the course in that way?‎

Now, let’s ISG, in the time you have left
You really must learn some G.O.L.F.”‎
So, on to the web, and into the site,‎
He counselled me well, deep into the night.‎

Started a journey to open some doors
‎“Learn the imperatives, accumulators”‎
Opened those doors, (he gave me a key)‎
‎“Monitor lag at your pp3.”‎

Hinging and cocking, but what is a swivel?‎
Answers by courtesy DGLaville.‎
Continually pulling your pill from the hedges?‎
Toolish: “Look to your flying wedges.”‎

Problem at impact? Dart makes the call
‎“Geometry, geometry, geometry’s all!”‎
Don’t make that move getting round to the left –‎
Visions in lycra provided by Jeff.‎

Looking for research – how, what and why?‎
Can’t go past Loren (not an AI).‎
Guru advises “Pull it out of your back”‎
‎(Mate, my best ones are from lower than that!)‎

Carey with keys, and Spike with his Zen,‎
Tai on this cruise ship, here now and then.‎
He left me then, with plenty to play with,‎
And guidance from you guys to be on my way with.‎

From one of the Seekers, to those of the trust,‎
I feel that I should, nah, I know that I must
Share these words from Homer, going into the night‎
‎“Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good flight!”‎