Friday, May 29, 2009

Dwight Howard's Clear Key

While I wasn't watching, a top golfer I know was. He heard the interview with Dwight Howard after game 3 (we think it was game 3) of the NBA playoff series between Cleveland and Orlando. Apparently, the commentator asked Dwight, in effect, how he managed to do so well from the foul line, in view of his rather dismal season average of 60%. Seems Dwight brought that to 80% for game 3. Dwight responded by saying he just sang a song he liked and it took his attention away from too much thinking about the shot.

Dwight Howard's own words come from his blog. He wrote on 5/26/09 from NBA Playoffs:
"For some reason, when I pick out a song and sing it at the free throw line it helps me not think so much about shooting them. I had a dance song in my head all last night, so I had that going on when I was at the line. Hey, whatever works, right? They were playing all kinda krunk music up in Cleveland, and it was helping me take my mind off my form. I gotta come up with some song for Tuesday in Game 4 to keep it rolling."

We wish he knew how right he is so he could use the process consistently in the future and keep his free shot average where it needs to be.

If you know him, let him know that we will gladly supply him with the research and studies that verify his new-found method as very real and completely valid