Monday, September 3, 2007

The "What Are They Thinkng?" Department

In the last two days, we have read or heard several comments about the importance of having good hand-eye coordination for golf. Our question is, "What are they thinking and how are they placing that value on something a blind person can do?"

We don't deny that hand-eye coordination, generally speaking, is a good thing, or that it borders on necessity for some sports, like baseball, tennis, hockey and basketball. However, we will steadfastly hold to the view that it is not important, at least not in the sense it gets talked about, for golf.

Why? Because the ball is not in motion. All the other named sports have an object that is in motion, which does need hand-eye coordination. But a blind person can hit a golf ball. Clearly, by definition, that player is not in the game, if hand-eye coordination is required.

The only reason to "need" it is when one must be able to see the movement in the object s/he wishes to "hit." A golfer can set up, close the eyes, swing the club and make pure contact. For a tennis player or baseball player that would be unlikely if not impossible.

Make no mistake. We are neither denying nor downplaying the value of hand-eye coordination, just calling on the gurus to stop telling people it is either important or necessary for golf.