Friday, October 12, 2007

Wishy Stroke

Love that comment from a commentator at the current Las Vegas affair (they don't show them talking so it's hard to know which one said it). We suppose a "wishy stroke" is nothing more than a bad putt, brought on by the likes of anxiety. Who says the pros never have any of that (anxiety)?

Some day soon, we hope that the golfing world will take full recognition of the relationship between the mind and the body, so that all can move another notch forward with their games and find a new level in understanding who they are and why and how the mind and body work together successfully.

That is all for now. We return you to your regularly scheduled trivia.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

A Thought Worth Notice

Jesper Parnevik, after firing 61-65, was asked about the space between his last win in 2001 and his low scores in the first two rounds at the Valero Texas Open. Rightly or wrongly, after a bit of discussion, he noted that most sports give you a good result if you work harder at them, but golf is the only one that can leave you in worse shape if you work harder.

We are inclined to agree with that. Without going into all the reasons, we think what he means is that golfers start making too many changes and thinking too much. Understanding those two elements of the game is critical. Why? Because change within a refined set of physical motions as golf requires needs a lot of time to settle in and become habitual. Continual changing denies that result. Numerous changes really show that the one doing the changing does not have a reasonable grasp on what needs to be accomplished, so the regimen becomes one experiment after another. That will never find the finish line.

On the thinking side, if one keeps rattling the brain, simply put, it will rattle the hands, arms, legs and back, not to mention the brain. If you think that's good for your golf, we know a shrink you can visit.

Jesper is right. Let's hope he doesn't start making more changes after the first two rounds.